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Customized Drones

Drones To Your Specification

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Customized Drones

Services We Offer

Design for Custom Drones


Get best in class designs

Custom design ability including 3D CAD design of airframe, canopy and payload mounts. Thrust and flight time calculation including testing of key components

Apps for Custom Drones


Customized Apps for your needs

Custom Apps for sensor data. Visualization and cloud data management support

Quality Ensured Custom Drones


Industry Standard Quality Assurance

IPC 620 certified technician ensure professional harnessing and reliability. Carbon fiber material sourced from certified factories ensures maximum reliability

Fleet Manganement of Custom Drones

Fleet Management

Complete Fleet Management

Deploy large numbers of custom drones with cloud based fleet management

Sensor Integration of Custom Drones

Sensor Integration

Get best in class designs

Add custom sensors to the drone according to your business needs. We will design mechanical mount and power supply

User Friendly Custom Drones

Ease of Use

Get user friendly products

As easy to fly as a DJI Phantom. Our customized training course covers flying and maintenance of drone and is designed for people with no prior experience


We cater Customized drones to your business needs

You have a specific drone use-case, but none of the off-the-shelf drones fit your needs? Then you are at the perfect place.

A drone, otherwise known as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), or an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), is basically a flying robot regardless whether it is controlled by remote control or by software. Drones have proven valuable in many different situations, examples of some areas utilizing them include:

● Agricultural
● Security & Surveillance
● Real Estate
● Advertising and Film
● Aerial Survey & Mapping
● Construction
● Government, and more.

Know More About Custom Drones
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